Metropolitan transport for all Casawis

Casabus by Alsa offers urban, metropolitan and peri-urban transport services by bus across greater Casablanca, Mohammedia and their suburbs.

Alsa works daily to ensure quality service and the well-being of its customers.
as such, today we are pleased to present our quality of service charter which follows the guidelines of the UNE 93200 standard of AENOR (accredited independent international entity), whose main commitments are :

  • Enjoy all modern comforts during your journey;
  • Travel safely with us;
  • Ever more efficient services;
  • Easily accessible information about our services;
  • We will always be by your side, courteous and professional;
  • We are attached to the community we serve and on which we depend.

Enjoy your journey with Alsa Al Baida.

1. Enjoy unparalleled comfort on your journey:

We want to live up to your expectations

We are committed, as soon as the transitional network is put in place in February 2021, to put a fleet of 610 new buses into circulation, which will increase to 700 buses in the coming months. This fleet is made up of modern vehicles, equipped with advanced comfort features, including:

  • Hot/cold air conditioning
  • CCTV with 4 cameras
  • Driving assistance camera
  • 2 fire extinguishers
  • Anti-aggression driver’s cabin
  • Door closing safety with anti-entrapment sensitivity
  • Door opening safety once the vehicle is running
  • Safety immobilization of the vehicle when the doors are open
  • Kneeling mechanism to bring the bus platform closer to the curb
  • EBS 5 electronic braking system
  • Safety tinted windows
  • Access ramp for people with reduced mobility
  • Free customer Wi-Fi
  • 3 programmable alphanumeric LED panels for line, side, front and rear information
  • SAE (operating assistance system)
  • Vehicles with Euro VI standards for respecting the environment
  • Seats for people with reduced mobility
  • Priority seats


       Results 2022 :

  • 610 new vehicles currently in circulation

In progress

We apply rigorous maintenance and cleaning plans to welcome you in optimal conditions, guaranteeing a high level of comfort and safety inside our vehicles, and we are committed to maintaining the level of satisfaction of our users at this respect above 7 and not less than 6, on a scale of 1 to 10, through an internal or external study conducted once a year with our customers, except in exceptional circumstances, such as one or more disasters ) natural(s), modification(s) of the infrastructure or the nature of the contract, or any other exceptional situation which would have imposed itself on the normal delivery of the service as initially defined.


       Results 2021 :

Level of satisfaction of our users on aspects related to the interior of the bus (2021) :

  • Interior of the bus in general = 7.9
  • Security aspects = 7.5
  • Bus maintenance = 7.5
  • Bus comfort = 7.2


2. You will travel safely with us

Because your safety is our priority.

We operate according to the strictest safety procedures, not only applying rigourous maintenance plans, but also paying constant attention to the selection and initial and continuous training of our personnel.

100% of our driving staff participate in the preliminary assessment protocol before following the initial training process during which theoretical knowledge is verified and an 8-hour practical driving test is carried out.

Drivers are constantly evaluated at regular frequencies as well as at exceptional milestones. These evaluations relate to the quality of driving and the behavior of the driver. Each driver undergoes refresher training once a year.

       Results 2021 :

  • 100% of drivers have successfully completed a refresher course in 2021.



Assessments are carried out by specially trained inspectors and security technicians who then define the actions necessary to correct any errors found.

In addition, we are committed to regularly organizing training and safety awareness sessions for the personnel driving, operating and maintaining our vehicles, delivered by technicians specialized in safety.


       Results 2021 :

  • Throughout the year, 2 daily training and awareness sessions were organized for all operating and maintenance personnel.



Our goal is for customers to experience a sense of security related to the ride quality of our drivers when traveling with us. For this reason, we will maintain a score higher than 7 and not lower than 6, on a scale of 0 to 10, in the perception that our customers have of safe driving except in exceptional conditions, such as one or more disasters. natural event(s), modification(s) of the infrastructure or the nature of the contract, or any other exceptional situation which would have arisen during the normal delivery of the service as initially defined.



       Results 2021 :

  • Satisfaction level of our users on safe driving = 7.6



In addition, our services will be evaluated annually by an accredited external entity which will certify, where appropriate, their suitability and compliance with the requirements of international safety standards such as the UNE ISO 39001 standard for the UNE 22320 safety management system and the standard on emergency management.


       Results 2021 :

  • Current ISO 39001 and ISO 22320 certificates




3. Our services will be more efficient

Because we are committed to providing you quality service.

We carry out a meticulous programming of our services in order to guarantee, in normal operating situations, the respect of departure and arrival times. For greater reliability of our operations, the entire fleet has the necessary technology to monitor travelers and vehicles.

For these reasons, we promise that at least 96% of our services will be punctual, taking into account both first departures and arrivals, with a tolerance for delays of up to 5 min at departure and up to 12 min at arrival are authorized at the terminals. These frequencies are conditioned by operating and traffic conditions. This standard will be in force 6 months after the implementation of the new 2021 network.

     Results 2021 : 

  • Ponctual services =  (*)
(*) Due to the abnormal situation of the services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the development works of the TCSPs( own-site public transport ), it was not possible to obtain reliable data for this indicator, due to the changes and adaptations of the services carried out in accordance with the instructions of the authority and the evolution of the economic regulations. We are committed to providing new data when service stability conditions permit.


In addition, we are committed to maintaining our customers’ assessment of the punctuality of our services above 6, the first year of operation on the new network, and above 7 from the second year, and in no case less than 6, on a scale of 1 to 10, except in exceptional circumstances, such as one or more natural disasters, modification(s) of the infrastructure or the nature of the contract, or any other situation exceptional which would have been imposed on the normal delivery of the service as initially defined.

     Results 2021 : 

  • Level of satisfaction of our users on punctuality = 7.0

4. You will easily find all the information about our service

Because we offer you a wide variety of information channels.

Our customers will always find the necessary information about the transport service available. This information will be promptly updated and disseminated through the following channels:

  • Website:
  • Customer Relations Center 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on 05 20 55 20 55
  • Information and sales on board buses
  • Permanently updated information at bus stops (from September 2021)
  • Information via social media platforms
  • Information via the Casabus mobile application operated by Alsa (from 2022)

We notify travelers of significant incidents in services via the web (from 2022), as well as on board vehicles.

Our telephone service is at your service from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on 05 20 55 20 55, and a voicemail is provided from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. We promise to call you back as soon as possible.

5. We will always be by your side, courteous and professional.

We welcome you with courtesy and professionalism

We ensure our rules and customer service standards are strictly adhered to by carrying out regular mystery shopper inspections and closely monitoring incidents.
We undertake to respond to complaints within an average of 15 working days.

     Results 2021 : 

  • Average complaint response time = 14 working days.



A journey accessible to all.

We guarantee the accessibility of our entire fleet of vehicles by providing the following services:

  • Areas dedicated to people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs
  • Priority seats for people with reduced mobility, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with small children.
  • Exterior signage indicating a vehicle
  • External push button to request ramp or platform access
  • Bus kneeling system to reduce possible gaps between bus stops and bus floor
  • Stop request button
  • Non-slip floor
  • Handgrips and grabpoles
  • Safety step treads

Our services are designed according to the requirements of accessibility standards such as UNE170001.

     Results 2021 : 

  • UNE 170001 certificate in force.




6. We are committed to the community

Because we constantly contribute to improving the quality of life in our communities.

At Alsa, we are committed to working every day to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the communities of which we are part.
We encourage the adoption of good health practices among our employees. Our healthy business model is also certified by AENOR, particularly in the context of protection against Covid 19.

     Results 2021 : 

  • Current COVID certification.



Because we are committed to the environment

We are respectful of the environment, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by promoting public transport, a means of transport much more efficient in terms of energy than individual vehicles, the integration of an energy-efficient fleet, the use of clean energies and the implementation of programs to reduce consumption.
The entire bus fleet of the city of Casablanca complies with the EURO VI standard respectful of the environment, and makes use of several driving assistance systems for more fuel economy.
We constantly make our employees aware of respect for the environment. We monitor the effective driving of all drivers on a monthly basis, providing them with additional training when they need it.
In addition, there are several actions that contribute to respecting the environment, such as the sorting of mechanical waste, but also the systematic use of bulbs and LED-type lights to minimize electricity consumption.

We respect our commitments.

Each of the commitments in this charter has been associated with an indicator to measure their degree of compliance. The monitoring and measurement of the defined indicators will be continuous, and the company will announce the results annually to its customers and users by publishing the final results on the site at the end of each year.
Applicable standards :

  • Law 54-05 relating to the delegated management of public services promulgated by Dahir nº1-06-15 of 15 Moharrem 1427
  • Regulations for the use of the bus transport service within the territory of the Al Baida Intermunicipal Cooperation Establishment

Rights and obligations of users

  • Those included in the applicable regulations. Applicable Compensation and/or Remedies
  • Sending a letter of apology and / or personalized calls, according to Alsa service standards,
Contact us

You can request information or leave your opinion on this Service Charter through any of the following channels:

  • Website :
  • Dial +212520552055 for Customer Care open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Casabus agencies operated by Alsa Al Baida
  • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram)

You can file a complaint and submit suggestions through the following channels

  • Website
  • Dial +212520552055 for Customer Care open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Casabus agencies operated by Alsa Al Baida
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)