For your safety and convenience, Casabus by Alsa works tirelessly to improve the quality of your journey on our buses.

The elderly and pregnant women

Treat other passengers as you would like to be treated: with respect. In line with Alsa’s policy, we encourage you to give up your seat to pregnant women and the elderly who may need more comfort on their journey.


People with disabilities or reduced mobility

With universal accessibility certification, Alsa Al Baida has implemented several measures to ensure optimal comfort for passengers with reduced mobility: priority ramps, dedicated spaces and priority seats are reserved for them. Please respect this priority.



Children and people of all ages are welcome on board. Any child under 4 accompanying a paying adult passenger travels free of charge on our bus lines.



Alsa Al Baida buses are equipped with Wi-Fi for you to stay connected to your digital world throughout your journey. Work, chat or watch during your journey. Please remember to use ears-buds or headphones to not disturb other passengers.


Air conditioner

For your comfort, our buses are equipped with integrated air conditioners to compensate for extreme outside temperatures.


Surveillance cameras

Safety is paramount at Alsa Al Baida: each bus is equipped with surveillance cameras that transmit images and sounds in real time to our team who regularly checks buses and ensures your safety during your journey.


CNDP Legal Notice

Alsa Al Baida has equipped each bus with a video surveillance system which has been the subject of a declaration / authorization request to the National Commission for the Control of the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP) under number D- VS-377/2021.

Your personal data is processed for security reasons. You can contact Alsa Al Baida’s legal department to exercise your rights of access, modification and opposition in accordance with the provisions of Law 09-08.