Consult the itineraries here.

Consult the fares for a single ticket per line here.

The available tickets are: a single ticket, a rechargeable card and a student pass.

Reload your card in sales agencies and on the bus.

Get your student pass card at points of sale by filling out the subscription form and handing in the required documents.

  • The completed and stamped form (form and contract): The forms will be available to students free of charge at our commercial agencies.
  • 2 Photos.
  • Copy of the legalized student card or a certificate of enrollment 2020-2021 (legalized copy of the certificate of filing for newly enrolled students).
  • Copy of legalized CIN (Copy of CIN of one of the parents or legal guardians).
  • Certificate of residence for those who do not have a CIN.
  • Certificate of non-employment for students 25 years of age and older.

The different types of student subscriptions are : University, Secondary, OFPPT, Various (Public institutions), Mohammedia Network.

The student subscription rate is: 100 MAD / Month and 100 dh Registration fee.

Consult the different points of sale here.

Submit your complaint, suggestion or information request through:

  • The customer relations center "Casabus operated by Alsa" is available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (during the health crisis) and recording through voice mail from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am via the phone number: 0520 55 20 55
  • E-mail address (complaints): client.alsaalbaida@alsa.ma
  • At our commercial agencies
  • By post : 203 , BD Bir Anzarane quartier Val Fleuri , Maârif , Casablanca
  • Social networks

Join the Alsa al Baida team by sending your CV to the following address: rhalbaida@alsa.ma