Student subscription

You study in a public school and live in the greater Casablanca or Mohammedia.

You want to move freely and safely to your place of study.

Alsa Al Baida, your new bus transport company is here for you and provides you with a monthly rechargeable student card with the best rates.

Required documents


  • The completed and stamped form (form and contract): The forms will be available to students free of charge at our commercial agencies.
  • 2 photos.
  • Copy of the legalized student card or a certificate of enrollment 2020-2021 (legalized copy of the certificate of filing for newly enrolled students).
  • Copy of legalized CIN (Copy of CIN of one of the parents or legal guardians).
  • Certificate of residence for those who do not have a CIN.
  • Certificate of non-employment for students 25 years of age and older.

Bus fare

  • 100 MAD / month + 100 dh registration fee.

Types of student subscriptions

  • University
  • Secondary
  • Various (Public institutions)
  • Mohammedia Network